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Account Migration: Original From Zero To Italian students (Yearly option)

Is this you?

  • You joined From Zero To Italian between February and July 2017
  • Your original payment plan of $197 per year is still active
  • You can access the new Academy website
  • You only have Beginner Italian Level 1 listed in your courses
  • You do NOT see the Chat App widget at the bottom of every page

How to complete the Migration

Below are the steps necessary to complete the Migration to the new Academy website:

  • We will cancel your original Payment Plan (Paypal or Credit Card). This is because it is currently granting you access to the OLD website, which you will no longer be using!
  • You will receive an email (or more) letting you know that your Payment Plan for From Zero To Italian was cancelled. Do NOT panic.
  • You will now be able to use the new Academy Site to the fullest, accessing both Beginner Italian Level 1 and Beginner Italian Level 2, the General Forum, the Chat App and the Group Video Chats.
  • A few days before your current paid year expires, you will receive an email asking you to Renew your Subscription. The email will have all the necessary information.
    This is a very important step to ensure you stay on the From Zero To Italian Yearly plan (which, as you know, is an amazing deal and is no longer sold).
  • Once your paid year expires, you will lose access to the Interactive features of the Academy  and your courses, until you Renew your Subscription.
  • You will have 30 days to Renew your Subscription once it expires. After this period you will fully lose  your rights to the From Zero To Italian Subscription program and will not be able to join again.

An Example

Lucy joined From Zero to Italian on March 30, 2017.
She opted for the Yearly option, so she’s been able to use the old From Zero To Italian website without a worry in the world.
On December 20 her account was fully migrated to the new Academy website, and his original payment plan was cancelled.
Lucy is now able to use the new Academy site to the fullest until March 30, 2018 (or longer if she was given bonus weeks!).
On March 30, 2018 Lucy’s account is put on hold, until she manually Renews her Subscription.
From this point onward, Lucy has nothing to worry about, as new payments will be taken out every year, as per her original Subscription!

Lucy is happy and she keeps learning Italian with From Zero To Italian!


Why did you delete my Yearly Payment Plan?
Your original payment plan was linked to the old site, keeping it active would be having to pay for a website that is going to be fully killed soon! You do not want that! Instead, you will be given a chance to stay on the same great deal you original got, when you are asked to Renew Your Subscription on the new Academy site. Happy times!

Do I need Amico Extra / How come I do not have Amico Extra?
No, you do not need Amico Extra. Your From Zero To Italian membership is the best deal on earth, and it includes everything!

Why do I need to Renew my Subscription?
Since you will be using a new website, your original subscription (i.e. your payment plan) would be no good. You need to create a new payment plan so that you are still entitled to access the From Zero To Italian program on the Academy website.

How do I Renew my Subscription?
A few days before your access to From Zero To Italian expires (which will depend on when your the date you joined the program), you will receive an email with a link to Renew your Subscription.
Should you not receive the email, you can check under MY ACCOUNT > MEMBERSHIPS (on the Academy site). If you see a button saying RENEW then you can Renew your Subscription!

What’s involved in the Renewal?
Since a fully migrated account no longer has a payment plan, you would essentially be using our services for free if you did not renew your Subscription! Renewing your Subscription basically means re-purchasing From Zero To Italian and agreeing on a new recurring yearly payment plan.

I don’t seem to be able to Renew My Subscription…
You joined From Zero To Italian when it was first launched and sold  as a recurring subscription. It was a crazy good deal and, like any other subscription/membership, you need to make all payments in order to keep the rights to the program. If you waited more than 30 days since your subscription expired, you have lost your right to From Zero To Italian.
You can still learn with the program by purchasing the individual courses as they are released.

I cannot login to the Academy site
The Academy is a different website from the original website you were using when you joined From Zero To Italian. For this reason, your account has a different password. If you don’t know what the password is, you can request a Password Reset link here.
This article might help if the reset link does not work.

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