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Course Catalogue: What Courses are Available?

There are a range of Italian courses available in the Italy Made Easy Academy. Some are stand alone courses, while others are part of a series.

Courses Available on the Speak Italian From Day 1 Website

The Speak Italian from Day 1 website is ideal for students wanting a crash course in Italian before embarking on the holiday of a life time.

  • Speak Italian from Day 1 – Standard Access
  • Speak Italian from Day 1 – Upgrade Access
  • Speak Like an Italiano
  • 400 Most Frequent Italian Words

The Speak Italian From Day 1 courses can be taken in as little as 5 weeks, with the Upgrade course providing accelerated learning with additional learning videos, designed to help students practice hearing and understanding, as well as teaching how to communicate desires and issues most likely to arise on a trip to Italy.

Speak Like an Italiano is focussed on teaching students the foundations of Italian pronunciation. Being a musical language, Italian has been dubbed ‘the language of love’ for a reason! Students of this course sound better than most beginning Italian learners, regardless of their actual knowledge of the language!

400 Most Frequent Italian Words requires just 10 minutes a day and at the end of the month your Italian vocabulary will include the top 400 words used by Italians. This learning method of a little every day will enhance memory retention, so you will be able to recall these words when you need them!

*Please note the Speak Italian From Day 1 website will be migrated to join the new Academy website by the end of 2017/early 2018. Please click here to access these courses!


From Zero to Italian Series

The From Zero to Italian series is a sequential set of courses that take a student from absolute beginner, to fluency. This series is ideal for students wanting to fully learn the Italian language.

  • Beginner Italian Level 1
  • Beginner Italian Level 2
  • Intermediate Italian Level 1 (upcoming)

The Beginner Italian Level 1 of the From Zero to Italian series builds solid foundations from which to build. This course is perfect for students who have never studied the Italian language before, or who have studied for a while but have gaps of knowledge, struggle to form sentences, or lack the confidence to speak.

The Beginner Italian Level 2 course builds upon the foundations in Level 1. Students also learn to speak more confidently, and how to express themselves like an adult. If you have learned some Italian and are unsure which course to take, you can log in to the Academy website here as a free member, and take a quiz to test your proficiency.

Intermediate courses of the From Zero to Italian series are currently being developed. The first instalment, Intermediate Italian Level 1, will start being released from mid January, 2018. Until then, make sure you are up to date and competent in the Beginner courses, because Intermediate continues to build on those foundations!


Complimentary Courses

Two free courses are provided on the Italy Made Easy Academy website for students who have signed up as a free member.

  • Italy Made Easy Podcast (upcoming)
  • Italian Accelerator (upcoming)

The Italy Made Easy Podcast and the Italian Accelerator courses are associated with the corresponding YouTube series. These courses include the YouTube content as well as additional material, such as downloadable audio files, transcription and comprehension exercises, and interactive quizzes. These courses are coming soon.


Additional Features

There are also a range of additional features designed to compliment the Italian courses and enhance your learning experience at the Italy Made Easy Academy. Click here to check them out!



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