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Finished Beginner Italian Level 1, Cannot See Level 2

Congratulations on completing Beginner Italian Level 1! You have worked hard to get to this point and are on your way to enjoying the benefits of speaking another language!

Original Members (before June 2017)
If you are an original member (before June 2017) of From Zero to Italian with a subscription plan and have just completed Beginner Italian Level 1 on the old website, you now need to be migrated to the new Italy Made Easy Academy. This is where you will access Beginner Italian Level 2 and all upcoming courses of the From Zero to Italian series, as well as interactive features.

Please contact Manu and the support team by submitting a ticket here, and choosing the category ‘Account Migration’. You will need to provide your name and email address for the migration to take place, as well as advising of your completion of Beginner Italian Level 1.

You will be notified when the migration process has been initiated, and given further directions by email.

See you in the new Academy soon!

Newer Members (post June 2017)
If you have completed Beginner Italian Level 1 and would like to continue building upon your Italian foundations, please log in to the Academy website here, click on ‘Courses’, and choose the version of Beginner Italian Level 2 that you would like to purchase. You can choose between the standard version that contains the (extensive!) course learning material, or the VIP version, which contains quizzes, exams, marked assignments and feedback, and a Certificate of Completion at the end, in addition to the course material. The VIP version is highly recommended for students who want to really solidify their Italian, have mistakes corrected, and speed learning time!



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