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How to Download Course PDF and MP3 Files

Many lessons in a particular courses may have files available for students to download. These are situated below the regular lesson content, as attachments. This could be a document in the .pdf format, or an audio file to listen to in the .mp3 format. There are several ways these attachment files could be downloaded. The most common way is described below, in both a video tutorial, and written instructions with images.

Video Tutorial



Written Instructions

Click on the name of the file under Attachments, or click on the Download link to the right of the appropriate file. The .pdf or .mp3 file will open, where you can then save it to your device if you wish.


For Windows computers, right clicking on the filename provides options such as ‘Save Link As‘, which allows you to then choose a folder to save the file to. You may also edit the name of the file to something more specific, ensuring you can more quickly find it the next time you search.

Make sure you click the save button at the end! You now have a permanent copy of this file.



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