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Speaking with other students and practicing sentence construction are key ways to speed and enhance your grasp of the Italian language. One way to do this is by posting on the Forums in the Academy. This feature is available in the Amico Extra interactive package.

There are currently two different Forums available. The General Italian Forum and the Beginner Italian Level 2 Forum are available from the main menu bar at the top of the screen.



Click on the ‘FORUMS’ button to view options.



Under each main forum is a directory structure with sub-forums for broad topics such as Grammar, Vocabulary and Resources. Below that level are more sub-topics (for example under Vocabulary are the sub-topics Words, Phrases, Expressions, etc.



Familiarize yourself with this structure, and you should try to post your question or comment to the topic or subtopic that is best suited to the item you would like to discuss. Drill down to the most specific level that you can.

Once you are in the area you would like to post a new question or comment, scroll to the bottom of the screen where you will see a section labeled “Create New Topic in …” There is a field labeled “Topic Title” and in the field you will enter a title for your topic. In the text field below that, enter the body of your forum topic.



At the bottom of the topic, there is a checkbox were you can select if you want to notified via e-mail of any follow-up replies within your topic.

When you are finished with creating the topic, click the Submit button to post it to the forum.

If you wish not to start a new topic, but to reply to an existing topic, find the topic within the form and click on it to enter into that topic. You would then create a reply in the same way you had created a topic in Step 4 above, except you do not need to enter a title (it is automatically filled in for you). Again, click the Submit button to post your reply.

Now, time to go and talk with students and practice your Italian!



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