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How to Submit an Assignment by Uploading a File

In the Italy Made Easy Academy, there are two ways to submit audio recordings for oral assignments. You can upload the file, or you can upload a web link (learn this by clicking here). This tutorial will show you the step by step process of uploading a file that you have already recorded and saved. Once you get the hang of this, it is very simple and straight forward! You can either watch the video below, or scroll down further for images and written instructions on how to upload a file from your computer.

Video Tutorial


Written Instructions

There are a variety of applications that can be used to record and save an audio assignment. For this example, we’re using the application Audacity, but you can use any audio recording application on your computer. Create the recording and then save it to your computer as an audio file. Make sure you name it very specifically so you can easily find it when you search and upload, e.g. Beginner Italian Level 1 Unit 7 Pronunciation Assignment.

To take the sound file and attach it to your assignment, click on the Upload a File link – the sound file has already been created and we are going to attach it.


On the Upload a File page, scroll down and you will see an Upload Assignment box. You can drag and drop the file, or you can select the file by first navigating to the correct folder.

After dropping or selecting the file, ensure that the progress bar completes and that the file name is listed under the Upload Assignment box. Click the Submit Assignment button.

That’s it, you’re done!



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