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How to Submit an Audio Assignment

In the Italy Made Easy Academy, there are two ways to submit audio recordings for oral assignments. You can upload the file if it is already saved (learn this by clicking here), or you can use the SpeakPipe application to both record and submit your assignment through a web link. This tutorial will show you the step by step process of recording and submitting via SpeakPipe. Once you get the hang of this, it is very simple and straight forward! You can either watch the video below, or scroll down further for images and written instructions.

Video Tutorial



Written Instructions
Under the assignment, you see two links where you have the option to either Submit a Link or Upload a File. We need to click on Submit a Link, because that’s what we’re doing with SpeakPipe.



This is the page for submitting a link, and if you scroll down to the bottom you’ll find a text box which represents the area where we will copy and paste a link to our recording. The recording is going to be made using SpeakPipe.


The website is https://SpeakPipe.com/voice-recorder


This page has a simple interface; there’s just one big button, Start Recoding. Let’s say we want to create a recording for an assignment. You would click on the Start Recording button. You would speak and say whatever you need to say for that assignment. When you’re finished, click the Stop button.


After you stop the recording, there’s a Replay button available which allows you to play back your recording if desired. If not, click Skip.


If you’re happy with it you can click Save on Server, which will to save the recording to SpeakPipe’s server.


You are prompted to enter your name, then click on Save. This recording is then saved on the SpeakPipe server, and that will be available for up to three months.


You will then see that there is an actual link created that’s unique to this recording.

[A side note, if you do want to save a copy of the recording, and make sure you have it for longer than the three months that it’s on the server, you can always save it by doing this: Click Open in a new window, and there’s an option to download, and you can download the recording to your personal machine.]

To copy the link to the assignment, you would click on the link to select it, and then copy the link. Go back to your Assignment page where it says Submit a Link and you would paste the link here that you’ve copied then you would click Submit Assignment.


Congratulations – your assignment is now submitted!



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