Tell me about Amico Extra!

What is Amico Extra?
Amico Extra was designed to aid learning and memory retention. Amico Extra is a package of interactive features, which are used to enhance and accelerate your learning. With Amico Extra you have access to the following learning tools:

  • Forums
  • Chat App
  • Group Chat
  • Accountability Groups
  • Speaking with native Italians

Please note, Amico Extra is not part of the From Zero to Italian series, and is therefore not a structured Italian course! Amico Extra also does not include any structured courses, and is sold separately to Italian courses.

* There is one exception to this rule, so if you are on a monthly or yearly subscription plan please read to the end!

Why is Amico Extra sold separately to structured courses?
Selling interactive features separately allows freedom for students who:

  • want to practice their Italian without purchasing courses
  • are waiting for a course to be released but still want to practice
  • just want the courses without also paying for the interactive features

What if I Purchased From Zero to Italian Before June 2017?
Founding students who originally signed up for From Zero to Italian as a monthly or yearly subscription plan before June 2017 do not need to purchase Amico Extra.

Where can I buy Amico Extra?
You can purchase Amico Extra at the following link:


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