Tell me about Exams!

Why do we have exams?
Exams are a method of measuring vocabulary, knowledge, and understanding of the Italian language. This is important, because if a person is not yet competent in an area of study, they will struggle if they move on without identifying and filling in the gaps of missing information. Exams are not compulsory, but are encouraged, to ensure a student is ready to progress to the next level of study. At the end of the From Zero to Italian course series, assessment results from exams and assignments will be compiled to give an overview of achievement and competency. Students also receive a Certificate of Completion.


How often are students examined?
In the From Zero to Italian series, there is one exam at the end of each course, eg. one at the end of all 14 lessons of the Beginner Italian Level 1 course. It takes the average student about 6 months to finish each level, and at this pace they will encounter an exam only twice a year.


How many attempts do students get?
Students only get one attempt at examinations! So please ensure you have studied hard and done lots of practice to avoid any disappointment. Exams are fair and only cover material explicitly taught in the course, so please do not worry! If you are confident in the course content, you will perform fine in the exam!


Why are exams timed?
In the real world, you will not be able to ask people to wait while you look things up in a dictionary in the middle of a conversation. Similarly, courses with Manu are designed to have students comprehending and speaking Italian at a proficient level, so that they may carry out uninterrupted, adult conversations in person with native Italian speakers. For this reason, exams are timed, to ensure students receiving a Certificate of Completion have a high standard of conversational skills. However, once again, the exams are very fair, and if you have revised and practiced the course content, you will do great!

Keep studying and good luck in your exams!



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