Tell me about Livestreams!

Manu does Livestreams on a regular basis!

What are Livestreams?
Livestreams are when Manu films a live video on YouTube. This means viewers watching can interact and type comment on the video as it is being filmed, and Manu reads these comments! Depending on the topic of the Livestream, Manu may answer questions, do some Italian lessons, speak Italian with students so they can practice, make decisions about future video lessons based on responses from students at the Livestream, and much more.

How Do I Find the Livestreams?
Livestreams are usually planned at least a week or two in advance. Life gets busy and it can be easy to forget what day the livestream is on, so you can sign up here to get email notifications of when Manu is about to go live! The email will contain a link taking you directly to the YouTube Livestream Video.

Additionally, ensure you are subscribed to Manu’s YouTube channel here, by hitting the subscribe button. To be notified by YouTube of a Livestream, make sure you have notifications activated! These are found on the little bell symbol next to the subscribe button. When notifications are active, the bell will have two small lines near the top, similar to those found on an image of a ringing alarm clock.

Common Confusions
Please note that the Livestreams take place on YouTube, not the Italy Made Easy Academy! You do not need to log in to the Academy to access a Livestream, please go straight to YouTube!

See you at the next Livestream!



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