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Which Level Should I Take?

While some students are absolute beginners, some students may have studied Italian before and be unsure of which level course is right for them.

The From Zero to Italian series is the best all-encompassing program for students wishing to learn Italian to a level of fluency. Currently, there are two courses available; Beginner Italian Level 1 and Beginner Italian Level 2. To see an overview of course content and material, click here. Each of these courses takes the average student between 4 to 6 months to complete, and they are very in depth, ensuring a much better understanding of Italian than an average ‘beginner’.

To see which of these courses is more suited for you, you can take a quiz here. In order to access the quiz, please ensure you have signed up as a free member at the Academy. If you have not yet done this, please click here to sign up, click the green JOIN THE COMMUNITY button, and choose the AMICO free option. Once you have signed up you may then proceed to the quiz!

Students looking for Intermediate levels are advised to take the quiz anyway, to ensure they are at Manu’s intermediate level. Manu’s courses are extensive and cover a lot of material, many students requesting intermediate courses have found they were better suited to Beginner Italian Level 2.

If you have taken the quiz and achieved the passing grade, and are ready for Intermediate courses, please read information about these by clicking here!

Welcome to your Italian journey. See you in the Academy soon!
Benvenuti al vostro viaggio italiano. Ci vediamo presto dentro l’Accademia!


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